Oct 9, 2010

Foregen: Restoring Foreskins Through Regenerative BioTechnology

I found this interesting, up and coming site or company over in the reddit/MensRights link forum.  This company is looking into the benefits of regenerative medicine and how it can be applied to restoring functionality to traumatized skin, particularly in the male penis from circumcision.  One of the more interesting aspects of regenerative medicine is that skin can be grown, although it usually happens from harvesting cells from foreskins which I am glad this site understands is unethical.  There have been some pretty amazing advances in regenerative medicine, especially a case where a man was able to regrow a finger tip, the details can be found at their site.  So, if you have some money to spare get over there and give them a donation.

Marriage is Dead

W.F. Price has a new article up over at The Spear Head titled, "Stop Looking for A Wife: You Won't Find One." in which he tears apart the meaning of a 'wife' and why it is no longer valid in todays world.  It's a dark and somewhat depressing read, but the truth isn't made of puppies and rainbows.  Here it is.

Oct 3, 2010


Welcom to I can Has Equality!

Can You Spot the Feminists?
 Howdy all, Welcome to the Premier Male Rights and Issues Blog for young men and boys struggling for identity and acceptance in a misandric system hell bent on grinding maleness into oblivion.  This blogs main purpose is to guide men, boys, and males of all ages, although  particularly males of college age and marriage age, to understand the western worlds rampant and pervasive misandry, Misandry = Hatred and Contempt of Maleness, so each male can reach a better understanding of their personal identity while informing males of the dangers and risks that is the field of land mines called Western Society.
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